We stress the fact that we do not accept booking requests. If you have questions, comments or other enquiries, please send a mail to one of the following:

Guro S. Moe: guromoe[at]gmail.com
Christian Meaas Svendsen: christianmsvendsen[at]gmail.com

Christian Meaas Svendsn

Christian plays the bass. Sometimes with his feet or a bow in his mouth. He is cool.

Christian is active in a wide variety of bands and genres such as the 12-piece monster band Paal Nilssen-Love Large Unit, in the minimallyrical expressionism of Ayumi Tanaka Trio, in the power trio Momentum, or as member of the contemporary music ensemble Aksiom. He is also exploring the solo format, in which the bass, bow(s) and body set the frame for his approach and work. He has toured around the world since 2009, and has recorded over 20 recordings as both a sideman and a leader.

Christian is also the founder of Nakama Records, established in 2015. The label is organized as a collective where the members of his own expansive ensemble Nakama are able to release their various projects. He is interested in finding alternatives for his own generation as opposed to the already established structures within the music business. As a bass player he is always on the search, challenging, innovative, and is aiming towards connecting the classical, contemporary and the free, rhythmic music tradition. He has been with allEars since 2017

photo: Peter Gannushkin


Guro Skoumsnes Moe

Guro plays the bass – and sings. She has got her own octobass. She is very cool. 

Guro Skumsnes Moe is among the most active musicians and composers in Norway within the borderless music. With a primitive and direct approach she seeks for a physical sound through bass and voice. To search for a sound that is not possible. The instrumental approach has elements of friction and noise, and draw inspiration from concrete music, noise and performance. Moes background from improvised music through contemporary music and rock is remarkable and shows that the boundaries of today’s music is beginning to blur.

Her production includes over 20 recordings, music to several plays for Plexus Polaires Compagnie, crossover productions like «Len Dem Ikke Ut» and composing for chamber orchestra The Touchables (With among others Ole-Henrik Moe, Kari Rønnekleiv).

She has toured continuously since 2006 with her main projects, MoE and Sult, in Europe, the US, Japan, Southeast Asia and Mexico. Moe runs the label Conrad Sound and co-curates the all Ears festival, and Høyt og Lavt. 

photo: Peter Gannushkin